7 Reasons why training helps everyone


Why Training Helps Everyone

Training plays a vital role in every walk of life. As an instructor I am training new delegates every day, teaching people new skills or helping them develop on what they already know. Training doesn’t have to be conducted by a professional instructor every time, sometimes the best form of training can be coaching from a mentor or a senior figure at work. The benefits of training are too long to be able to list them but here are just 7 simple reasons why training can help everyone;

  1. Training develops us as people

The old saying – ‘You learn something new every day’ is very true. In today’s world, learning something new has become extremely easy. We can watch online tutorials for almost everything, sign up to open universities, watch online seminars or attend training courses. The more training we do, the further we are able to develop our skill sets and personal portfolios. What we learn can influence us on what we do and how we act.

  1. Training inspires us

In many cases, learning new skills or developing the skills we already have can become valuable to us personally. If a trainee is now perceived as being more qualified in an area that they have been trained on they will have a new sense of achievement and pride at being able to accomplish a new skill. As well as this, self-assurance at being able to develop existing knowledge already on a particular subject.

  1. Training gives confidence

Often, I see delegates that are more than capable of performing a specific task within the working environment, they just don’t have the self-belief to go and do it. Training allows the learner to establish where they might struggle and work on a task or subject until they are competent enough to take themselves out of the training environment. Sometimes a little bit of extra training can work wonders with a person’s confidence.

  1. Training is a great incentive

Many people will find themselves stuck in a rut at work and wish they could move further within their profession. Unfortunately for them, they can’t continue to move their career forward unless they are qualified. As an employer, rewarding staff members with training can be extremely valuable as they will see themselves as being worth the time and money that has been invested into them as a result of their good working performances.

  1. Training others helps us

As an instructor, I take great satisfaction in watching a trainee learn a new skill that I have taught them. Helping others develop a new skill can give us an enormous sense of purpose as well as keeping us mentally stimulated. At the same time this reassures ourselves on our own knowledge within that area.

  1. Training ensures standards

If someone has been trained to a certain standard then we know that their skill set should be to a level that we can recognise. In the same way that we know if someone hasn’t been trained to a specific standard then they are likely unable to complete a certain task or job (and shouldn’t be expected to either). For most of our training, there is an accredited stamp of approval and certification to show that the person has attended and completed a level of training that reaches a specific standard. This is a great assurance for employers as they will have peace of mind that their staff are qualified to conduct their duties safely and correctly.

  1. Training is an investment

Although there are very few training courses that are free of charge and the more specialist the training, the more expensive it can be. Training is an investment and will add value to yourself, workforce or business. By ensuring that staff are trained correctly on specific machinery or on Health and Safety in the workplace, this will cut down on costly mistakes as well as accidents at work. Training also improves a person’s skill set and having these new skills can help them further their career and potentially earn more money.

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