Every Day First Aid

 First Aid is an important skill to learn and can make the difference between someone living and dying. Sometimes the most simple First Aid Skills can be the most effective. As well as offering First Aid at Work courses, we also offer courses for Every Day First Aid.
First Aid in Sport, First Aid for Kids and Basic Introduction to First Aid are just some of the courses that we offer. These kind of courses are perfect for community centres, sports clubs, children’s groups and individuals who want to learn more about Every Day First Aid.
 We believe that First Aid is something that should be taught to everyone from school level, all the way to adulthood. The more people that are trained to deal with any medical emergency or illness, the higher the chance of survival.

First Aid for Kids –

As First Aid is not always taught as part of the school curriculum in Scotland, we believe that it is vitally important for children of all ages to know how to deal with a medical accident or illness. Our First Aid for Kids classes offer a fun and light hearted approach to First Aid whilst ensuring that the essentials for basic life support and treatment of injuries are taught. These courses are perfect for community groups, after school clubs, primary and secondary schools.

First Aid in Sport –

First Aid is vital when partaking in any sport, injuries can be very common among children and adults as well as cardiovascular problems from over exertion. Our First Aid in Sport courses can give a sports coach or participant enough knowledge on how to deal with an injury of any degree on the sports field as well as covering the basics in life support. These courses can be part of an Emergency First Aid at Work certificate as well as a stand alone basic certificate. If you are a sports coach or are interested in growing your knowledge in sports first aid then this course is perfect for you.

Basic Introduction to First Aid –

Any knowledge of First Aid could be vital when dealing with an accident or illness outside of hospital. Our Basic Introduction to First Aid courses cover all aspects of First Aid on a very basic level to give the learner a better understanding of how to treat an illness, minor injury, major injury and basic life support. This course is designed for candidates who would like to improve their knowledge of first aid for every day use.

All of our First Aid courses run throughout Fife and Edinburgh at one of our training locations or at a premisses better suited to your needs. Community centres, indoor sports halls, church halls and school classrooms are preferred.

To find out more about the First Aid Courses that we run or if you would like to book yourself on a course then please Contact Us.