First Aid at Work Requirements

First Aid in the Workplace is a vital requirement for any employer in any workplace. First Aid cover should be available to all employees in a place of work during all working hours. Below is an extract from The British Red Cross which outlines First Aid Law set by the Health and Safety Executive

First aid law

The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 state that employers should provide adequate and appropriate equipment and enough trained first aiders to help injured or ill staff.

The regulations only cover first aid arrangements for employees, but businesses that deal with members of the public (such as shops) should also consider this in their needs assessment.

If you’re self-employed, you should make appropriate first aid arrangements for your working environment (even if you work from home). If you work on a site with other self-employed people, you are each responsible for making your own first aid arrangements but may choose to make joint arrangements, subject to written agreement.

Employers responsibility –

If a member of staff requires immediate First Aid Treatment who have suffered an accident or illness during their time at work. All potential dangers, hazards and risks should be assessed within the working environment. There should be enough first aiders and appropriate equipment to treat an injured or ill member of staff.

Before choosing how many first aiders and what first aid equipment will be required, all employers should take into consideration; any staff who have medical conditions, staff who travel or work alone, work shift patterns or out-of-hours shifts. As well as this, the size of the working environment, amount of staff on any shift, the nature of the work being conducted and if there are multiple working sites.

First Aid at Work Courses –

There are 2 different types of courses that are available to train first aiders at work. Each of the courses will provide and employer with a confident and competent first aider. All of the courses will include how to treat and deal with a casualty who has suffered and illness or accident at work.

First Aid at Work 3 day course – 

The FAW 3 day course is designed to give full training on every aspect of first aid in the workplace. Throughout the course, candidates will learn how to treat casualties that have suffered serious accidents at work as well as dealing with illnesses and minor injuries. The course is designed for anyone that has no previous first aid experience or has had a certificate that has expired. Any candidate who is qualified in First Aid at Work can be used as a first aider in the workplace in accordance to the HSE guidelines. The certificate will last 3 years and will require a 2 day refresher every 3 years. A 3 hour First Aid Top Up Course is recommended every year but is not a legal requirement.

Emergency First Aid at Work 1 day course –

The EFAW 1 day course gives a much more basic understanding of first aid in the workplace and covers many of the main topics in the FAW course. This course is recommended for candidates that are working in predominantly ‘low risk’ working environments. Anyone who holds a EFAW certificate can still be used as a first aider in the workplace in accordance to HSE guidelines. This certificate should also be refreshed every 3 years and annual First Aid Top Up Courses are recommended.

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