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Why you or your business should be logging in and joining the E-Learning Community. 

Training is essential, we all need it at some point in our careers or lives. Whether it be a simple refresher on a subject that you are already familiar with or the daunting task of having to learn a completely new skill, we all need training. 

For businesses, training is vital to ensure staff, management and above are all trained and competent in their specific tasks. Businesses need to ensure that all machinery and pant are being used safely and correctly, staff are familiar with their job and how to work safely and effectively and training improves levels of competency within the workforce. For individuals, training can improve someones knowledge on a task or subject, make an individual more attractive to an employer or ensure personal safety when working. 

We all have some sort of requirement for training but sometimes training can be a hassle. Businesses have to dedicate time to staff who require training, they need to arrange for a trainer to conduct the training, they might need to find a location out with the working environment or send staff to a training centre. The cost of all this can very quickly add up. For individuals, training is a personal expense unless there are training funds available, training courses can also be intimidating for people who are unfamiliar with the subject they are training on.  

Although there is no direct replacement for ‘hands on’ training, there are alternatives. Online Training Courses have become a very popular and successful way to train staff or individuals on a much more affordable level. Businesses can now set up Online Training Accounts and add as many members of staff as they wish. Each member of staff will be given their own personal login details and will be able to work through all of the selected training courses available to them. Employers can monitor their progress and will have on record all of their online training achievements and certificates. Staff members and individuals can work through the courses at their own pace in their own time or dedicated time during their working day. The courses are much more affordable as well with prices starting at as low as £35 per learning account. 

E-Learning has become increasingly popular throughout many different sectors including the care home, child care, hospitality and health & safety industries. Employers are now encouraging Continual Professional Development for their employees to ensure that all staff members are qualified and trained for their specific working environments. Employees can complete the training courses from home or work and at their own pace. Individuals now have access to thousands of training courses that may have once been inaccessible to them. Browsing through all of the courses available to use ensures that the training course selected is exactly what the learner requires. 

The online training courses use interactive videos and easy to follow instructions. Learners have the option to watch the videos as many times as they need and are able to review their answers before submitting them. With remote login, this allows users to access their account through multiple devices. Full technical support is available if there are difficulties during the learning courses. 

If you are interested in trying out some of the Right Track Training Online Training Courses then why not sign up for a FREE TRIAL first? Check out all of our E-Learning Online Training Courses available and select what you would like to learn. If you are a business and wish to set up a Business Account with us then sign up HERE or contact us for more details and we would be happy to help. 

Join the E-Learning Community today and expand your knowledge for tomorrow.  


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