Do YOU Have What it Takes to Save a Life?

Would you save a life or stand back and watch someone die?

This seems like a pretty silly question but unfortunately, recent studies have shown that up to 60% of accident related deaths in the UK could have been prevented if basic first aid had been given.

The study carried out by The British Red Cross and The University of Manchester also found that while 93% of people would phone 999, just half would choose not to carry out any form of first aid whilst waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

accident-sceneIt has been proved that in the crucial time between an accident happening and the emergency services arriving, the most basic first aid could make the difference between a casualty living or dying.

Joe Mulligan, head of first aid at The British Red Cross commented on these findings –

“Sadly in the majority of deaths we looked at, the simplest interventions could have helped keep someone alive until they got to hospital.” He continued to explain that although it was good that people were calling 999 “After calling 999 we want people to then do something in those crucial minutes before the ambulance arrives. Every person needs to recognise that in an emergency, you are part of the ‘chain of survival’.”

What can YOU do to save a life?

In a case of accidental injury or trauma, The British Red Cross have identified that placing a casualty that is unconscious/unresponsive on their side and tilting their head to open the airway or applying direct pressure to a moderate to major bleeding wound for casualties with traumas could be enough to save their life.

These very basic but simple first aid treatments could be enough for anyone to save a casualties life. By simply placing someone in the recovery position or applying pressure to a wound until the emergency services arrive, you could have done enough to keep someone alive until professional treatment can be given.

Anyone can learn these simple skills by attending a simple and basic first aid course

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